Pontiflex AppLeads is now AdLeads for Developers

It’s spring time. Time to do a little cleaning. Homes. Desks. Brand names. 
Our monetization solution for app developers was called AppLeads. Our self-serve platform for small businesses is called AdLeads. That’s two brand names for what is essentially the same platform.… continue »

Facebook Highlights Ad Performance In Ads Manager Tool

At Pontiflex, we always welcome innovations that help marketers increase the ROI from their campaigns. 
Facebook released new updates to its Ad Manager – enabling marketers to get a better read on campaign ROI. 
To quote from an article in Mediapost, “The Ads Manager will then display the actions — such as Page Likes — that an advertiser cares most about more prominently in their campaign summary page and calculate the cost per Page Like for their ads.… continue »

Google Mobile ROI and FBX: Two Notable Industry Announcements

The last two days have seen two big players make important announcements.
1. The first is the launch of Google’s Full Value of Mobile that allows businesses to tie in their advertising efforts to sales. Needless to say, most small businesses that have signed up for AdLeads have done so because of the increased ROI available by being able to pay for signups — and not wasted clicks or impressions.… continue »

Mobile Coupon Apps Making in Excess of $10

What’s the solution to the mobile monetization conundrum? 
Relevant advertising might well be one solution.
Inside Mobile Apps carried a story on how GeoQpons CEO Sunit Lohtia is making CPMs in excess of $10 by serving relevant advertising.… continue »

Facebook Reaches 15MM SMB pages

Is Facebook an effective marketing tool for small businesses? 15 million small businesses seem to think so. According to an article in Mediapost, over 15MM businesses are using Facebook to market their businesses. 
However, given that the average Facebook page post is is only viewed by 17% of the fan base, getting your businesses to be noticed on Facebook can be a challenge   
At Pontiflex, we’ve seen a rapid uptick in businesses using Social FollowUp.to increase both the reach and frequency of their social content.… continue »

Pontiflex Voted Among 10 Hottest Startups In New York By Huffington Post

Heather Huhman, career and workplace expert, names the 10 Hottest Startups in New York in the Huffington Post. 
Pontiflex is one of the ten companies named. Check it out. … continue »

Recurring themes at Mobile World Congress 2013

The mobile industry is growing at a rapid speed. A reflection of that was easily felt at the Mobile World Congress conference at Barcelona this year. Some of the recurring themes at MWC 2013 are easily overlooked concepts that are also the founding pillars at Pontiflex.… continue »

Webinar: Make the most of Mobile in 2013

With the shipments of smartphones outpacing that of laptops, your customers and prospects are spending most of their time on mobile devices. But just how can you use mobile advertising to connect with new people, drive awareness and generate revenue?… continue »

AdLeading The Way Contest Winner

In December 2012 we held a contest for non-profits and philanthropic organizations. This was an opportunity for organizations to showcase their cause and in the process win a free mobile advertising campaign. We received hundreds of entries to our contest and are truly humbled by the response.… continue »

Mobile Advertising To Double From 2013 -2016

According to a research report released today, Gartner expects that mobile advertising revenue will reach $11.4 billion, which is an enormous increase from last year.
Don’t be impressed just yet. Gartner also predicts that by 2016 mobile ad revenue will reach upwards of $24.5 billion.… continue »