The Audience for the 2012 Olympics Will be Mobile

As you might have read in the new eMarketer report published July 2,the Olympic audience via mobile devices is projected to reach 1 billion users.   
Smartphone penetration has gone up  from 10% to 50% over the last four years.… continue »

Pontiflex in the news

Hi everyone! We just wanted to share some great press coverage we’ve received in the past week. Coverage includes:
NYConvergence: SMASH Summit Part II: The Dynasty of .Com Is Subject to Disruption
Marketing Sherpa: Mobile Email Marketing: 5 tactics to engage and convert smartphone users
GigaOm: Monetization on mobile can’t be like the web
InformationWeek: How Will Mobile Reshape Online Advertising?… continue »

Nice Backspin, Pontiflex!

The Pontiflex Mobile Team showed great form at the Backspin Xbox Kinect Table Tennis Tournament last weekend.
Backspin 2011 is a charity tournament for the New York tech community hosted by All proceeds from the event benefitted Child’s Play, a nonprofit which provides books, games, and consoles to hospitals across North America.   Pontiflex was a proud sponsor of the event.  The word on the street is that Roshan, our CTO,  is a mean ping-ponger.  Watch him in action in the highlight reel below.  Great concept for a great cause!… continue »

Pontiflex: About Half of Mobile App Clicks Are Accidental

Check out the feature story on with Pontiflex CEO, Zephrin Lasker and VP of Mobile, Brian Long discussing the recent survey results showing that half of mobile app clicks are accidental.  Find the article here
Also, here is a quick look at the NYC App Developers Workshop we hosted last week.  We were happy to find there were more app developers in the NY area than we thought!  Check out the video and hear how app developer, Richard Harris is using a combination of Google AFMA (AdSense for Mobile Applications) and Pontiflex  AppLeads to monetize his apps end to end.… continue »

AppNation Founder to Speak at Pontiflex’s App Developer Workshop

We are  happy to report that Drew Ianni, founder of AppNation and an industry thought leader,  will be speaking at our first App Developers Workshop on January 20 right here in “Digital Dumbo”.  This event is shaping up to be pretty awesome.  So, if you have an app or are in charge of monetizing your company’s app and are in the New York City area, we’ll see you there!… continue »

George W. Uses “The Facebook” for Book Promotion

The former U.S. President told Mark Zuckerberg in an interview to promote his new book,  Decision Points, that he decided to write this particular book because he didn’t want to write a memoir and in his presidency he had to make decisions – “some real big ones…”
The interview took place in the San Francisco Bay Area and streamed  live on Facebook on November 29.  In what is part campaign debate and part late night talk show interview,  Bush provides us with some great self-deprecating humor (Bush noted that the book is probably a shocker since most people didn’t think he could read never mind write).    Bush makes it clear that he’s made friends with Mark Zuckerberg because, as most folks know, if you want to promote a book, you should probably cozy up to a guy who has 500 million friends.   Here is the interview in all of its awkward glory:
Watch live streaming video from facebookguests at… continue »

Coming soon to a TV near you…

Earlier this summer, Google successfully defended itself against a major lawsuit by Viacom. According to Wired, the court’s ruling stated that “internet companies, even if they know they are hosting infringing material,  are immune from copyright liability if they promptly remove works at a rights-holder’s request — under what is known as a takedown notice.” In other words, user generated content producers and repurposers of copywrited materials rejoice!… continue »

The best soccer commercial EVER?

In honor of this past World Cup, AdFreak posted the 10 best soccer commercials of all time. They chose Nike’s “Write the Future” as number one. Do you agree? Watch and decide:… continue »

An oldie but goodie

Some classics never go out of style. This Coke video (aired in India) is still just plain awesome.… continue »

How To Make Your Company Stand Out in the Start Up Crowd

Pontiflex CEO and Co-founder Zephrin Lasker spoke to Heather Leonard at Business Insider about how you can make your company stand out in the start up crowd.
You can watch the video here.… continue »