Don’t Miss Pontiflex’s Jordan Cohen on ExactTarget’s #NexusCafe Twitter Chat Today!

Join Pontiflex’s Jordan Cohen, Vice President of Business Development, today at 11:00 EST to discuss how you can use mobile to grow your list of email subscribers and build communities on social media sites. As part of ExactTarget’s NexusCafe, Cohen will highlight how marketers can benefit from mobile advertising and use the platform strategically to attract new subscribers, fans and followers.… continue »

The New User Economy: Facebook Boasts 750 Million Users

Facebook announced today that they now have 750 million users.  This is further evidence that online and mobile marketing is moving away from a traffic/impression based economy to a user economy.  We’ve often said here at Pontiflex that marketing is no longer about broadcasting one message to a universe of anonymous impressions.… continue »

Pontiflex Publisher CPL Report Findings: Mobile Takes the Lead

Today Pontiflex released the  latest CPL Publisher Report from Q4 2010.   The report shows the average CPMs earned by web publishers and mobile app developers running signup ads.
App developers running Pontiflex AppLeads are earning the highest CPMs at an average of $78.99 for every 1,000 downloads.… continue »

Where were you when…

Windows 95 launched? It was 15 years ago today, so some of us (ahem) were in the last summer days before their sophomore year of high school.
It’s hard to believe that 15 years ago, it looked like Microsoft had finally put the nail in Apple’s coffin.… continue »

Pinchy Would’ve Wanted it This Way

We’ve gotten a brand new handmade dining table at Pontiflex. To give it a proper welcome, it’s lobster roll day here at Pontiflex. Awesome for us; not so awesome for the 30+ succulent crustaceans smothered in mayo and chives delivered to our office today from Brooklyn’s famous Red Hook Lobster Pound.… continue »

News Roundup: Advertising Ethics is the Hot Topic

There’s a lot going on today in the debates over advertising ethics and online privacy.
First, as reported by Ad Age in “Ad Industry Battles Back Against Bad Rep, Forms Ethics Institute,” the American Advertising Foundation and the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute have partnered to create an Institute for Advertising Ethics (to be announced formally on June 11th at the AAF’s national conference).… continue »

News Round Up

Some highlights from today’s industry news:
The New York Times, Ad Spending Turns Up in First Quarter, Tracking Service Says, After Many Quarters of Declines”
– Stuart Elliot reports that ad spending in Q1 2010 rose 5.1 percent compared to Q1 2009, according to tracking service Kantar media.… continue »

A Comic Series Grows in Brooklyn

Just read an interview on Gothamist with Meredith Gran, the author of Octopus pie, a comic series about two women living in Brooklyn. The illustration is great and storyline is fun. Consider it either a glimpse into — or a reminder of — the bike riding hipsters that we’ve always been leery of — or ahem, used to be.  Take a break and give it a look.… continue »

News Round Up: Peace prizes and wired backpacks

The internet is in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize. The prize is to be awarded to the person (or organization) who “has done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” Is it a publicity stunt, or does it actually have merit?… continue »

Publishers monetizing inventory in new ways

Here’s a quick collection of links and thoughts to get Monday morning going.
Publishers making money through innovation. We have blogged in the past about using CPL advertising to increase revenue. The Financial Times has made available Kindle books in snack sizes.… continue »