Google Mobile ROI and FBX: Two Notable Industry Announcements

The last two days have seen two big players make important announcements.
1. The first is the launch of Google’s Full Value of Mobile that allows businesses to tie in their advertising efforts to sales. Needless to say, most small businesses that have signed up for AdLeads have done so because of the increased ROI available by being able to pay for signups — and not wasted clicks or impressions.… continue »

Mobile Apps Gets Papal Blessing

The Vatican this morning unveiled Pope Benedict’s new Twitter handle – Pontifex. The twitter handle was chosen from dozens of other contenders to best showcase papal thoughts in 140 characters or less.
The Vatican said that the pope will start tweeting on Dec 12. “The handle is a good one.… continue »

DUMBO Retailers Get the AdLeads Treatment

Last night was the DUMBO Improvement District’s Town Hall meeting, which was held at the Etsy Labs. Over 30 members of the DUMBO retail business community attended to hear about the latest happenings in the neighborhood, ask questions and get a demo of our new mobile signup ad platform for SMBs: AdLeads.… continue »

AdLeads in the news

Last week, we announced the launch of AdLeads – a new self-service platform that will enable any business to run mobile signup ad campaigns. With AdLeads, businesses can run geo-targeted mobile signup advertising campaigns on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.… continue »

The Power of Social Media in 2012

In last week’s The Economist, the magazine focused on the year ahead, making predictions about what the tech and digital advertising industries will look like in 2012. While this may surprise the cynics among us, social media will become a more powerful vehicle as more people around the world share their information, likes and interests.… continue »

Don’t Miss Pontiflex’s Jordan Cohen on ExactTarget’s #NexusCafe Twitter Chat Today!

Join Pontiflex’s Jordan Cohen, Vice President of Business Development, today at 11:00 EST to discuss how you can use mobile to grow your list of email subscribers and build communities on social media sites. As part of ExactTarget’s NexusCafe, Cohen will highlight how marketers can benefit from mobile advertising and use the platform strategically to attract new subscribers, fans and followers.… continue »

Ladies are Getting in the Game

The rise of the smartphone and the advances in gaming technology have forever changed the landscape of casual gamers.  Never before would a marketer think of a suburban housewife when using the term “gamers”.
This group once consisted of men – mostly men who tried to  “use the force” to open their Wheaties as children.… continue »

Stop Marketing, Start Engaging

One of the Pontiflex sales team members recently circulated an excerpt from Scott Stratten’s best-selling book “UnMarketing” that is worth writing about. Stratten dedicated a chapter to discussing the ways that marketers attempt to drive newsletter and email signups via copy and form fields on a company’s website.… continue »

Top 10 Sources for Social Marketing Tips

We’d like to give a shout out to social media and public relations guru, Brian Solis, for publishing a list of marketers’ top 10 favorite media outlets (including sites, blogs and newsletters) they consult to learn about social media marketing trends.… continue »

What Daily Deal Sites Can Learn From Social Media

In this week’s Forbes MarketShare post, Zephrin Lasker discusses what daily deals sites have to learn from social media.
In the post, he elaborates on how the growth of daily deal sites is being driven not just by sales but also by brand marketers.… continue »