New Year Resolutions: 3 Marketing Tips for SMBs

This is a great time to reflect upon last year’s achievements and create a plan to achieve even more results in the year to come. Here are three marketing tips that will help you get your business ahead of the game for 2014.… continue »

Small Businesses Love Social Media

Small businesses are well aware of the advantages of using social media as a go to marketing method.
A Vocus survey of 400 small business decision makers, gave some good insight on how small businesses feel about social media.… continue »

Startups Now Have Bibles

This might not be breaking news — in the past few years, San Francisco  has become a mecca for tech entrepreneurs. 
All of these entrepreneurs need guidelines. According to an article Business Insider Alexander Book Co, a bookstore that has been based for 22 years in downtown San Francisco has begun to provide cater to the demand.… continue »

How Local Businesses Conquer Mobile Advertising

As you might have read in Biz Report, Pontiflex’s self-serve option AdLeads is helping small businesses grow by running effective mobile advertising campaigns.
With AdLeads, businesses can run ads on top iOS and Android apps. They pay only for signups – and never for wasted clicks or impressions.… continue »

DUMBO Retailers Get the AdLeads Treatment

Last night was the DUMBO Improvement District’s Town Hall meeting, which was held at the Etsy Labs. Over 30 members of the DUMBO retail business community attended to hear about the latest happenings in the neighborhood, ask questions and get a demo of our new mobile signup ad platform for SMBs: AdLeads.… continue »

AdLeads in the news

Last week, we announced the launch of AdLeads – a new self-service platform that will enable any business to run mobile signup ad campaigns. With AdLeads, businesses can run geo-targeted mobile signup advertising campaigns on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.… continue »

Pontiflex Launches A Self-Serve Mobile Signup Ad Platform

Are you a small business? An advertiser? Are you tired of spending money on advertising and not getting any returns? Well, you don’t have to be tired anymore.
Pontiflex is proud to announce the launch of AdLeads, a new self-service platform that will enable any business to run mobile signup ad campaigns.… continue »

Should This Young Tech Startup CEO Quit to Attend Harvard?

This is an interesting dilemma.  Here’s a young entrepreneur responsible for two tech startups – one that is already quite successful – and he has been accepted to Harvard Business School.
Mike Moradian, the CEO and founder of CampusBuddy and CollegeBudget has to decide whether to derail his vision for higher education or say no, thanks.… continue »

App Developer Success Stories: Moonbeam Development

App developer Richard Harris of Moonbeam Development has gotten a lot of attention in the app development community lately. He’s behind many successful mobile applications, like Useless Facts and Famous Quotes. After 5 years, Harris is an independent app developer success story.… continue »

Two Points of View

On some days, we have one point of view that we like to make in the press at large.
On others, we like to make two.
Please click below to read articles on widely varying topics.
A Digital Manifesto (Adweek)
3 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Co-founders (VentureBeat)… continue »