Apple Reconsiders Rules for Publishers

Apple has revised the rules for magazine, music, and video publishers who run their apps on the iPhone and iPad.
Previously,  publishers who wanted to sell subscriptions to the content on the iPad or iPhone, within the app itself were not allowed to do so.  All transactions had to come through iTunes and required publishers to give Apple 30%.… continue »

The Newsstand of the Future

Yahoo recently announced its new magazine aggregate platform for tablets called Livestand.  Although Yahoo will be Livestand’s first publishing “partner”, the plan is to be the hosting and distribution platform for the tablet era.
Livestand’s user experience is centered on the individual’s interests and location.  And, as the promotional video states, the advertising will be targeted and actionable – as evolved advertising should be.… continue »

Pontiflex Publisher CPL Report Findings: Mobile Takes the Lead

Today Pontiflex released the  latest CPL Publisher Report from Q4 2010.   The report shows the average CPMs earned by web publishers and mobile app developers running signup ads.
App developers running Pontiflex AppLeads are earning the highest CPMs at an average of $78.99 for every 1,000 downloads.… continue »

George W. Uses “The Facebook” for Book Promotion

The former U.S. President told Mark Zuckerberg in an interview to promote his new book,  Decision Points, that he decided to write this particular book because he didn’t want to write a memoir and in his presidency he had to make decisions – “some real big ones…”
The interview took place in the San Francisco Bay Area and streamed  live on Facebook on November 29.  In what is part campaign debate and part late night talk show interview,  Bush provides us with some great self-deprecating humor (Bush noted that the book is probably a shocker since most people didn’t think he could read never mind write).    Bush makes it clear that he’s made friends with Mark Zuckerberg because, as most folks know, if you want to promote a book, you should probably cozy up to a guy who has 500 million friends.   Here is the interview in all of its awkward glory:
Watch live streaming video from facebookguests at… continue »

Ad Economics 101

Hot off the press…MediaPost reports that online display ad costs have fallen 13 index points in Q3 2010, when compared to Q3 of last year. Simple economics explain why the ad costs are falling: when demand goes down, price follows.… continue »

Ad: Tech NY Kicks Off with Consumers, Content and No Fear.

In her keynote address kicking off ad:tech NY this morning, Lauren Zalaznick, president of NBC Universal Women and Lifestyle Entertainment Networks, spoke about the many paths to success in the new digital world.
According to Zalaznick, content is still king, but now, the consumer is in charge.… continue »

How Parenting Weekly Made eCPMs in Excess of $30

If there’s one thing that’s more difficult than solving a Rubik’s cube (all right, I admit I still haven’t figured it out yet, but in my defense, I’ve had only thirty six years) – it must be how to make or maximize online advertising revenue.)
ParentingWeekly used Pontiflex to make eCPMs in excess of $30.… continue »

How Gets Their Online Advertising Right

Today’s edition of the Email Insider Summit had an article on how serves online advertising after a consumer purchases a T-shirt. The article commends the transparency and simplicity of the advertising process.  We felt happy reading the article.… continue »

NPR’s Very Savvy Vivian Schiller

Of course, by this point in time, we have all heard what Steve Jobs had to say at D8 (With all the hullabaloo people are making about it, it does appear that if you haven’t seen the videos, then you should please report to the nearest police station/place of worship to confess your crime.)
NPR’s CEO Vivian Schaller made some excellent points in an enlightening talk yesterday.… continue »

Publishers monetizing subscriptions

In an interview with Paid Content, president David Goodman said that the innovative music service will most likely turn a profit this year. “We’ll be rolling out some new features around the subscription service in Q2,” he said.… continue »