Pontiflex and UDID

With Apple’s recent rejections of apps using UDID, we wanted to give our current partners some insight into Pontiflex’s approach to UDID. We have never collected UDID and we don’t use any device identifiers for targeting purposes (you can learn more about UDID from this great overview in Techcrunch).… continue »

California Tech Giants Agree to Deal on Privacy Policies for Apps

Last week California Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris, reached a significant agreement with six of the largest “mobile as a platform” companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Research In Motion.
The agreement “is designed to ensure that mobile apps comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act.… continue »

The FTC Raises Privacy Questions About Mobile Apps for Children

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a report today regarding the survey of mobile apps for children. The FTC report comes at a time when there is an increasing call for mobile app developers to provide clear and transparent policies regarding data collection and usage.… continue »

MMA Privacy Guideline for App Developers

At media post’s ‘Mobile Insider Summit’  local media guru Gordon Borrell  pointed out that there was a paradigm shift-taking place in advertising;  with most ad budgets being shifted from web to mobile. He pointed out that that the local mobile ad revenue was expected, to shoot up from the current $2 billion per year to $24 billion by 2016.[1]
Whether its retailers like best buy ,  game developers , or credit card companies like master card; the mobile market place is going to continue its steady and fast paced growth.… continue »

Privacy Trends in 2012

The last year has been illustrative of how important privacy practices are. Privacy and data security are going to be even more crucial in the coming year. For this reason , Avantika Banerjee, our Legal & Policy Analyst,  put together a list of what we can expect to see this year when it comes to privacy.… continue »

Even in a Social World, Email is Still the Killer App

Check out our CEO, Zephrin Lasker’s latest blog post on Forbes MarketShare.  Hear why we think Google+ is poised to give Facebook a serious run for their money (and their user base).  And, how email will be the driving force behind the new social network’s rise to the top.… continue »

Unprecedented Opt-in Move by the FTC

It appears that when it comes to online privacy, all the roads will lead to opt-in.
In an unprecedented move, the FTC has required that Google ask users to opt-in before sharing their information.
A few weeks ago Pontiflex issued its universal guidelines on privacy.… continue »

In Good Company at AppNation NYC Media Summit

We’re proud to announce that Pontiflex CEO, Zephrin Lasker will sit on a panel alongside Google and Microsoft to discuss best practices in mobile marketing next week at AppNation’s mobile advertising summit.
The invite-only show will take place here in New York and will host several mobile experts to speak on topics like, the transformation of news media, the tablet effect, and companies you need to watch now.… continue »

The Net Neutrality Cat

This is by far the best commentary on the subject of online privacy we’ve seen to date:… continue »

Facebook: The Heat is On… Again

As reported in MediaPost last night, Facebook is in the spotlight again over their plan to share the contact information of its users with application developers running on Facebook.  This follows what must have been a collective gasp from privacy watchdogs when Facebook announced their plan to share addresses and phone numbers in a blog post.… continue »