Advertising Everywhere

The progression of advertisements in our daily lives is quite impressive when you take a moment to think about it. They are on our television, radio, billboards, the Internet, the list goes on. For the longest time we had no real choice of the ads that we saw, of course they were tailored and designed to be inviting, which would make us want to use or buy the product or service that they represent, but nothing like they are now.… continue »

Lower your Cost-Per-Lead with compelling copy

How much should a lead cost?  How much is it worth?  At AdLeads we think about these questions from all sides, but most advertisers are primarily concerned with how to lower their Cost-Per-Lead (CPL).  Even with the advanced marketing automation tools out there it can be difficult to attribute spend to ROI – all the more reason to keep your initial costs down.… continue »

AdLeads in the news

Last week, we announced the launch of AdLeads – a new self-service platform that will enable any business to run mobile signup ad campaigns. With AdLeads, businesses can run geo-targeted mobile signup advertising campaigns on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.… continue »

Privacy Trends in 2012

The last year has been illustrative of how important privacy practices are. Privacy and data security are going to be even more crucial in the coming year. For this reason , Avantika Banerjee, our Legal & Policy Analyst,  put together a list of what we can expect to see this year when it comes to privacy.… continue »

Want to Know Where to Find Your Customers on Mobile?

The IAB Blog recently featured an interesting guest blog post by Mack McKelvey of Millenial Media on the misconceptions brand verticals have about where to find their consumers on mobile:
Know where to find your consumers
“One of the misnomers in mobile is the idea that brands have to advertise in their own content vertical to reach consumers.… continue »

Mobile Ads Six Times as Effective as Standard Banners, According to eMarketer

According to eMarketer, recent research from MediaMind found that users convert at a much higher frequency after viewing mobile ads. The survey also found that mobile ads for the telecom industry achieve 6 times the performance of standard banners.… continue »

What Daily Deal Sites Can Learn From Social Media

In this week’s Forbes MarketShare post, Zephrin Lasker discusses what daily deals sites have to learn from social media.
In the post, he elaborates on how the growth of daily deal sites is being driven not just by sales but also by brand marketers.… continue »

The New User Economy: Facebook Boasts 750 Million Users

Facebook announced today that they now have 750 million users.  This is further evidence that online and mobile marketing is moving away from a traffic/impression based economy to a user economy.  We’ve often said here at Pontiflex that marketing is no longer about broadcasting one message to a universe of anonymous impressions.… continue »

Moms Get Into Mobile Apps, Says eMarketer

According to eMarketer, smartphone-using moms are getting into mobile apps. They even download apps across categories, including gaming and music apps. This data offers new possibilities for marketers that want to reach women.
The eMarketer article supports what we’ve thought all along: in-app mobile advertising works!  Since people–and yes, even women–are engaging more and more with apps, marketers should realize the value of in-app ads.… continue »

Google, Microsoft, Pontiflex and the IAB Discuss Mobile

Google, Microsoft and Pontiflex came together yesterday for a panel moderated by the IAB to discuss “Mobile Marketing Best Practices”.   The panel was held at Appnation’s Advertising and Media Summit here in NYC.
The theme that emerged from the panel discussion was that  online marketing solutions don’t translate to mobile, this includes measuring success by clicks.… continue »