Happy Holidays from the Pontiflex team

Here’s wishing you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year.… continue »

Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from the Pontiflex team and this tech savvy turkey.… continue »

Help End Malaria By Buying a Book

Today is End Malaria Day.
While growing up in India, I helped fight malaria by mercilessly squishing many a mosquito.
Thankfully, there are people taking a more structured approach.
Business Insider reports on how Seth Godin is helping fight malaria.… continue »

Visit Us By Water

The other day I was thinking that of all of NYC’s transportation methods past and present I can’t recall reading any odes to the ferry. But before the bridges and tunnels connecting the metro area ferries would have been the only way to get around.… continue »

Kudos to Andy Rubin

Once in a while, you come across a headline that fills you with surprise and delight.
Here’s one such headline from today’s Business Insider: Android Boss Andy Rubin Split His First Huge Bonus Check With His Employees
Kudos.… continue »

The Cricket World Cup

According to recent estimates, 24.44% of Pontiflex employees (from Trinidad and Tobago, India and South Africa) have an ongoing interest in the 2011 Cricket World Cup.
In that spirit, here’s a brilliant sketch from that Mitchell and Webb Look (Also posted below that is another sketch (Lindsay Davenport interviewing for an accounting position), which is unrelated to cricket but equally brilliant).… continue »

The Smartest Machine on Earth

We often use the word revolution loosely in our industry. Somebody runs a campaign for a toothbrush or  a car on Facebook, and the pundits cry “Revolution.”
That’s why it’s refreshing to see a true revolution. Last night, a supercomputer from IBM by the name of Watson, competed successfully with two super-achievers on the quiz show Jeopardy.… continue »

A Volkswagen Commercial That Would Please the Mad Men

The last week has seen Kenneth Cole get into trouble on Twitter, and Groupon pulling off the impossible by managing to offend the Government of China, the People of Tibet, and connoisseurs of good humor all at the same time.… continue »

Here’s Wishing You a Happy New Year

Before we launch into a stream of consciousness, we want to take a moment and wish all our readers every happiness and success in 2011.… continue »

Three Ingredients to a Successful Startup Recipe

Its a little-known fact that successful startups run on 3 things:
1) Goodwill
2) Venture cash
3) Tacos
All 3 things are easy to come by, if you know where to look.… continue »