New Year Resolutions: 3 Marketing Tips for SMBs

This is a great time to reflect upon last year’s achievements and create a plan to achieve even more results in the year to come. Here are three marketing tips that will help you get your business ahead of the game for 2014.… continue »

Starting My Career in Software Development at Pontiflex

I’ll never forget the first time I tried to code. It was about 18 months ago at this point, and I was working through some javascript courses on Codecademy. Like dozens of other startup employees, working in the technology space had really romanticized programming.… continue »

Google Mobile ROI and FBX: Two Notable Industry Announcements

The last two days have seen two big players make important announcements.
1. The first is the launch of Google’s Full Value of Mobile that allows businesses to tie in their advertising efforts to sales. Needless to say, most small businesses that have signed up for AdLeads have done so because of the increased ROI available by being able to pay for signups — and not wasted clicks or impressions.… continue »

Recurring themes at Mobile World Congress 2013

The mobile industry is growing at a rapid speed. A reflection of that was easily felt at the Mobile World Congress conference at Barcelona this year. Some of the recurring themes at MWC 2013 are easily overlooked concepts that are also the founding pillars at Pontiflex.… continue »

iPhone 5 Setting New Records

Apple announced today that the pre-sale orders for the iPhone 5 have set new records. Within 24 hours, 2 million pre-orders for the iPhone 5 were sold. That is double what the iPhone 4S did last year.… continue »

No Facebook Smartphone In Sight

There has been a rumor of Facebook producing its very own smartphone. At TechCrunch Disrupt , Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that these rumors are false.
At the event, Michael Arrington asked the CEO of Facebook about these claims.… continue »

The Importance of Mobile Emails

You already know this, but consumers are consistently checking their emails on their mobile devices. For companies this means that their email strategy and design must be compliant with the needs of their readers.
According to ClickZ a survey reveals some of these findings:

57 percent accessed their personal email account from their mobile device.… continue »

How To: Leave your Wallet at Home

Google Wallet was introduced last year. The service didn’t set the market on fire. Now Google wants to expand its capabilities for its customers to correct this situation. To state the obvious, Google wants its users to be able to replace their physical wallets completely.… continue »

Mobile Fact Pack

Mobile devices are everywhere. According to Ad Age who released their first fact pack, smartphones are carried by nearly half the amount of Americans who actually own a phone.
People use their phones for much more than making calls.… continue »

Social FollowUp: Automated Social Email for Businesses

As you might have read in GigaOm and StreetFight, Pontiflex has launched a new product called Social FollowUp.  The product automatically compiles the most recent and relevant posts from an advertiser’s Facebook and Twitter updates and sends out one great looking email.… continue »