New Year Resolutions: 3 Marketing Tips for SMBs

This is a great time to reflect upon last year’s achievements and create a plan to achieve even more results in the year to come. Here are three marketing tips that will help you get your business ahead of the game for 2014.… continue »

Starting My Career in Software Development at Pontiflex

I’ll never forget the first time I tried to code. It was about 18 months ago at this point, and I was working through some javascript courses on Codecademy. Like dozens of other startup employees, working in the technology space had really romanticized programming.… continue »

Best Kept Secret in Political Marketing

Political ad spend is projected to reach a whopping $5.2 Billion by the end of this year. A good chunk of that spend will be spent on mobile specifically.
At the beginning of the year, Pontiflex projected 40% of political ad spend would come from mobile but the actual mobile spend has doubled as compared to our expectations.… continue »

Mobile Fact Pack

Mobile devices are everywhere. According to Ad Age who released their first fact pack, smartphones are carried by nearly half the amount of Americans who actually own a phone.
People use their phones for much more than making calls.… continue »

Survey Shows People are Receptive to Tablet Advertising

A new study by Interactive Advertising Bureau UK shows that interactive ads have higher response rates on tablets as compared to static ads.
According to a Clickz article a respondent of the Interactive Advertising Bureau survey is quoted as saying “Tablet users are often creative people and would interact and have fun with the ads “.… continue »

Social FollowUp: Automated Social Email for Businesses

As you might have read in GigaOm and StreetFight, Pontiflex has launched a new product called Social FollowUp.  The product automatically compiles the most recent and relevant posts from an advertiser’s Facebook and Twitter updates and sends out one great looking email.… continue »

AdLeads Mobile App Advertising Now Available in 27 Countries

The Pontiflex Adleads  self-serve platform is now available in more countries in the world. Advertisers  are now capable of targeting their ads in local languages an audience in 27 countries.  The list of countries where mobile signup ads are available via AdLeads are:

United States 
South Korea
United Kingdom
Puerto Rico
Hong Kong
South Africa
New Zealand

If your interested in getting new customers in any of these countries, start your Adleads campaign here
 … continue »

Startups Now Have Bibles

This might not be breaking news — in the past few years, San Francisco  has become a mecca for tech entrepreneurs. 
All of these entrepreneurs need guidelines. According to an article Business Insider Alexander Book Co, a bookstore that has been based for 22 years in downtown San Francisco has begun to provide cater to the demand.… continue »

How Local Businesses Conquer Mobile Advertising

As you might have read in Biz Report, Pontiflex’s self-serve option AdLeads is helping small businesses grow by running effective mobile advertising campaigns.
With AdLeads, businesses can run ads on top iOS and Android apps. They pay only for signups – and never for wasted clicks or impressions.… continue »