Snickerdoodles and SCSI Drives: The Year Bitcoin Goes Mainstream?

There has been no shortage of digital ink spilled on the rise of Bitcoin, the P2P-enabled payment system and open source crypto-currency introduced in 2009 by 

“Satoshi Nakamoto” (a pseudonym). Bitcoin is a fascinating economic development, representing the possibility of a plausible alternative to state-backed fiat 
currency.… continue »

Advertising Everywhere

The progression of advertisements in our daily lives is quite impressive when you take a moment to think about it. They are on our television, radio, billboards, the Internet, the list goes on. For the longest time we had no real choice of the ads that we saw, of course they were tailored and designed to be inviting, which would make us want to use or buy the product or service that they represent, but nothing like they are now.… continue »

Lower your Cost-Per-Lead with compelling copy

How much should a lead cost?  How much is it worth?  At AdLeads we think about these questions from all sides, but most advertisers are primarily concerned with how to lower their Cost-Per-Lead (CPL).  Even with the advanced marketing automation tools out there it can be difficult to attribute spend to ROI – all the more reason to keep your initial costs down.… continue »

New Year Resolutions: 3 Marketing Tips for SMBs

This is a great time to reflect upon last year’s achievements and create a plan to achieve even more results in the year to come. Here are three marketing tips that will help you get your business ahead of the game for 2014.… continue »

Startups Now Have Bibles

This might not be breaking news — in the past few years, San Francisco  has become a mecca for tech entrepreneurs. 
All of these entrepreneurs need guidelines. According to an article Business Insider Alexander Book Co, a bookstore that has been based for 22 years in downtown San Francisco has begun to provide cater to the demand.… continue »

California Tech Giants Agree to Deal on Privacy Policies for Apps

Last week California Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris, reached a significant agreement with six of the largest “mobile as a platform” companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Research In Motion.
The agreement “is designed to ensure that mobile apps comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act.… continue »

The FTC Raises Privacy Questions About Mobile Apps for Children

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a report today regarding the survey of mobile apps for children. The FTC report comes at a time when there is an increasing call for mobile app developers to provide clear and transparent policies regarding data collection and usage.… continue »

Google Predicts: All Businesses Are Going Mobile First

Google posted a “look back at 2011” today.  The blog post focused on mobile trends that evolved in 2011 and those that will continue to evolve in the coming year.
 Through Google’s own research, they predict that the growth of publishers going forward will depend heavily on the growth of mobile ads.… continue »

Want to Know Where to Find Your Customers on Mobile?

The IAB Blog recently featured an interesting guest blog post by Mack McKelvey of Millenial Media on the misconceptions brand verticals have about where to find their consumers on mobile:
Know where to find your consumers
“One of the misnomers in mobile is the idea that brands have to advertise in their own content vertical to reach consumers.… continue »

TechCrunch: Mobile Has the Opportunity to Re-Think the Ad

According to a recent post in TechCrunch,  mobile requires that we see things differently – most importantly, ads.   A Kleiner Perkins VC, Chi-Hua Chien says,   “Because of constraints on-screen size, display ads won’t cut it when your screen is 3 inches wide.… continue »