The Cost of Mailing to Inactive Subscribers

Our friends at deliverability firm ReturnPath released an interesting research report earlier this week examining how major retailers deal with inactive/disengaged segments of their lists.
Nineteen month ago, ReturnPath made purchases on the sites of 40 leading retailers and then ignored every email message they received subsequent to those purchases.  Key findings:

Most email marketers continued to send email at a steady, high frequency for the entire 19-month study period, despite a total lack of response from the subscriber (no opens, no clicks, no purchases).… continue »

Announcing: The Pontiflex Partner Program

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Pontiflex Partner Program. We’re putting the spotlight on select agencies and marketing companies who excel at brand performance and engagement marketing practices including social media, branded micro-site and experience development, e-mail marketing, loyalty programs, customer relationship management strategies and others.… continue »

Agency Spotlight: Leapfrog Interactive

Pontiflex is thrilled to put the spotlight on Leapfrog Interactive. LFI’s thought leadership in social media marketing to women for major brands like Graco, Home Goods, Lily of France, and Sun Tan City is just one example of what makes this agency shine.… continue »