What’s your favorite coke ad?

As we head off for Labor Day weekend, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Coke ads from around the world. Their ads are always iconic, but some more than others. Here are our picks!… continue »

Announcing: The Pontiflex Partner Program

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Pontiflex Partner Program. We’re putting the spotlight on select agencies and marketing companies who excel at brand performance and engagement marketing practices including social media, branded micro-site and experience development, e-mail marketing, loyalty programs, customer relationship management strategies and others.… continue »

The best soccer commercial EVER?

In honor of this past World Cup, AdFreak posted the 10 best soccer commercials of all time. They chose Nike’s “Write the Future” as number one. Do you agree? Watch and decide:… continue »

Completing the Advertiser Loop in Online Advertising

One of the biggest challenges in online advertising is to prove how marketing moves the business needle.
Whether you run banner/search campaigns with landing pages or a Cost-per-Lead campaign, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew how the names you acquired  performed in terms of converting or buying products on your web site?  Wouldn’t it be nice to optimize your campaigns by individual publisher based on hard ROI metrics?… continue »

Advertiser Spotlight: How Tripmela made their online marketing take off

A question that we’re often asked at Pontiflex is: How can small and large companies double their email databases and reduce marketing spend with Cost-per-Lead advertising?
Today’s issue of the excellent marketing how-to publication Marketing Profs answers this question:
How a Small Internet Publisher Doubled Its Email Database & Reduced Marketing Spend With Cost-per-Lead Advertising [site registration required].… continue »