An Acknowledgement

In a world of platitudes, it is truly a testament to a man’s greatness when every tribute upon his passing is as unique and individual as the man himself.
Today, I’d like to acknowledge how Steve Jobs impacted my life and the lives of every member of the Pontiflex team in a very fundamental way.… continue »

Three Ingredients to a Successful Startup Recipe

Its a little-known fact that successful startups run on 3 things:
1) Goodwill
2) Venture cash
3) Tacos
All 3 things are easy to come by, if you know where to look.… continue »

Next Stop – the Power I

There was an exciting development in the field of online advertising yesterday.
For those who missed it, Power Eye places an icon in the top right corner of an online advertisement.  Consumers who mouse over the icon will get a view of all the data that was used to target the ad.… continue »

How does Apple Keep Winning? Because it’s a Giant Startup

Late last week, Apple reported $13.5 billion in revenue for the first quarter of the year. You might be forgiven for thinking that it’s a huge multinational corporation. But here’s why – despite its impressive earnings – Apple is more like a startup than you might think.… continue »