Pontiflex Launches A Self-Serve Mobile Signup Ad Platform

Are you a small business? An advertiser? Are you tired of spending money on advertising and not getting any returns? Well, you don’t have to be tired anymore.
Pontiflex is proud to announce the launch of AdLeads, a new self-service platform that will enable any business to run mobile signup ad campaigns.… continue »

Measurement Is What’s Holding Mobile Back, Says AdvertisingAge

According to AdvertisingAge (and eMarketer), people are beginning to spend more time with mobile devices than they do with print media, yet mobile ad spending has slowly been trickling in. Mobile writer Kunur Patel investigates why in today’s AdvertisingAge.… continue »

Laos In Harmony Premieres an Official Music Video for “The Introduction”

Early this year, I wrote about how Clinton Regis, Pontiflex’s Systems Administrator, shared a single called “The Introduction” with us by his music group Laos In Harmony, a gospel music ministry based in Brooklyn, New York, who’s name is derived from the Greek word “Laos” which means “people,” hence “Laos in Harmony.”
Today, Clinton informed me that “The Introduction” has an official video.… continue »

The iPad Threatens the PC Market

According to The New York Times, the iPad started out as a side business for Apple but has quickly become a franchise. The iPad counted for $9.15 billion in revenue during the Q4 2011 holiday season, or about 20% of Apple’s total revenue.… continue »

Revenue From Mobile Apps Expected to Reach $46 Billion by 2016, Says eMarketer.com

According to eMarketer, the “Mobile Application Business Model” study released by ABI Research found that overall revenues from mobile apps, which includes in-app purchases, pay-per-installs, in-app advertising and subscriptions, will reach $46 billion by 2016. This is more than 4X greater than the $8.5 billion earned in 2011, respectively.… continue »

Mobile Devices Outnumber Humans, Take Over the World

Last week, BBC News published an article that revealed a startling new finding: this year, mobile devices will outnumber humans, according to recent data from network firm Cisco.
Other interesting data points from the Cisco report include:

By 2016, there will be 10 billion mobile devices in the world.… continue »

Congrats to Digitas’ Keira Lorentzen, the winner of our Xbox giveaway!

Last month, we held a contest for a Xbox 360 Kinect. We’re happy to announce that Keira Lorentzen, Vice President, Group Director, Digitas, is the winner.
Congrats, Keira!
Below is a short Q&A we did with our contest winner about her years in advertising, how Digitas approaches mobile and more.… continue »

Employers embrace sleeping on the job

Last night, CBS ran a clip on how napping is being embraced by employers for health benefits and to increase productivity. Guess who appeared in the interview? You guessed it! Pontiflex employees. CEO Zephrin Lasker, technology and user interface guru Nick Herman and media diva Danielle Phillip appeared napping in the clip.… continue »

Apple Will Crack Down On Those Manipulating App Store Rankings

When it comes to its App Store rankings, Apple don’t play. According to moconews.net, it only took one allegation that some app developers are using download bots to boost their rankings for Apple to respond quickly. According to a developer’s post on Touch Arcade Forums, some third-party services are offering app download bot treatment for $5,000.… continue »

Marketer Survey Reveals Mobile Ads Are Out of Sync with Marketers’ Priorities

(Click to enlarge the chart)
By the time you’re reading this blog post, you’ve most likely heard about eMarketer’s predictions for mobile advertising spending growth in 2012 (and if not read about them here). Since marketing dollars continue to flow into the mobile bucket at an eyebrow-raising rate, we thought it’d be a good idea to survey marketers to find out where they are with mobile advertising.… continue »