Another Way to Reach Dumbo

A while back I posted about the East River Ferry and what a great new way that was to reach the Pontiflex offices in Dumbo from Manhattan.  That still works and I still recommend it heartily.  But, a new player has entered the alternative transportation game: Citibike!  So, now for all you thinking about joining the booming new tech metropolis or for your new “I make it like your grandma did” business you should feel comfortable that getting to and from here has gotten even easier.… continue »

AdLeads Delivers The Artisanal Lead

As anyone who pays any attention to trends knows, Brooklyn is headquarters for the artisanal movement. Long before Dominos featured artisan style pizza and Dunkin Donuts added artisan bagels, shops and flea markets were featuring products from artisan cheeses to vodka made by college graduates who look like civil war infantrymen.… continue »

Visit Us By Water

The other day I was thinking that of all of NYC’s transportation methods past and present I can’t recall reading any odes to the ferry. But before the bridges and tunnels connecting the metro area ferries would have been the only way to get around.… continue »