Amazon’s New Site Vine

Amazon has launched, a site that caters to environmentally conscious consumers.  Vine is a part of Quidsi, a company Amazon acquired two years ago. The site will be selling a wide variety of goods that all fall under the umbrella of being green.… continue »

Startup Success:Angie’s List

Recently, Angie Hicks the co-founder of Angie’s List (a customer review service) taped an episode of Founder Stories with TechCrunch’s Chris Dixon.
Hicks tells her story on how the startup began. She describes a few of their early hiccups.… continue »

OpenCoSF Answers It All

Mediabrands’ Brian Monahan and Federated Medias’ John Battelle went on a bike ride that helped solve a problem they both shared. The two entrepreneurs frequently get asked questions about innovative technology and Silicon Valley. On this bike ride they created the idea of an open house for inquisitive minds called OpenCoSF.… continue »

GigaOm’s Mobile 15 List

Recently Gigaom came out with their list of the top 15 innovative mobile companies.  The mobile industry changes very quickly and there are some companies that have been especially innovative. Gigaom has selected a list of companies regardless of size.… continue »

Best Kept Secret in Political Marketing

Political ad spend is projected to reach a whopping $5.2 Billion by the end of this year. A good chunk of that spend will be spent on mobile specifically.
At the beginning of the year, Pontiflex projected 40% of political ad spend would come from mobile but the actual mobile spend has doubled as compared to our expectations.… continue »

iPhone 5 Setting New Records

Apple announced today that the pre-sale orders for the iPhone 5 have set new records. Within 24 hours, 2 million pre-orders for the iPhone 5 were sold. That is double what the iPhone 4S did last year.… continue »

Small Businesses Love Social Media

Small businesses are well aware of the advantages of using social media as a go to marketing method.
A Vocus survey of 400 small business decision makers, gave some good insight on how small businesses feel about social media.… continue »

No Facebook Smartphone In Sight

There has been a rumor of Facebook producing its very own smartphone. At TechCrunch Disrupt , Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that these rumors are false.
At the event, Michael Arrington asked the CEO of Facebook about these claims.… continue »

Social Media Fuses With E-Readers

Everyone’s on a social network all the time- but how about even when they are reading a novel? German start-up company Frankbook has created a new app that allows users to interact with other readers, the author and even certain characters through Facebook.… continue »

GPS For the Future

Although you may use you GPS to find the closest McDonalds or gas stop, in a few years you will probably be using it for a lot of other useful functions. According to GigaOm 16Million people use GPS today, however smartphones will help to more than triple that amount to a whopping 70Milion by 2016.… continue »