The incredible edible app

In a world where you can get an app for everything, what about apps that help us with our most basic human need… what to eat?According to a recent IGN article, the top 5 food related apps are:
20 Minutes Meals – Jamie Oliver
This app contains 55 of Oliver’s recipes complete with photographed step-by-step instructions, videos, measurement adjusters for making different servings, and a shopping list to help you get the right ingredients for these dishes.… continue »

What’s your favorite coke ad?

As we head off for Labor Day weekend, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Coke ads from around the world. Their ads are always iconic, but some more than others. Here are our picks!… continue »

Lessons from the Khasi Tribe

The Khasi tribe in the remote Indian state of Meghalaya is among the last surviving matriarchal societies of the world. In this tribe, it is the daughters of the families who inherit all their ancestral property. All decisions related to the livelihood of the family are made by women.… continue »

The New York Times Tackles Retargeting

The New York Times published a story today about online privacy that addresses many of the issues with retargeting. The article is similar to the WSJ series on the same subject, focused primarily on the perspectives of web users, who are increasingly “creeped out” by ads that are tailored to past browsing behavior.… continue »

SMBs are mixing it up…

A recent BIA/Kelsey report has found that higher spending small and medium sized businesses (spending $25k or higher on advertising and promotions annually) use 6.5 different kinds of media.
The research also found that SMBs with larger ad budgets spend more on online advertising and have a stronger focus on media performance.… continue »

Where were you when…

Windows 95 launched? It was 15 years ago today, so some of us (ahem) were in the last summer days before their sophomore year of high school.
It’s hard to believe that 15 years ago, it looked like Microsoft had finally put the nail in Apple’s coffin.… continue »

A big hill ahead: CMOs in a post-recession economy

AdWeek just published the results of a new Accenture survey that asked CMOs about challenges in a post-recession economy. The survey found that CMOs are concerned about lasting changes in consumer attitudes toward purchasing. Three in five marketing executives believe that marketing will “fundamentally change in the next five years” because of the economic downturn.… continue »

A Vintage Thursday

Nothing perks up a cloudy Thursday like some sepia-toned works of genius. Brazilian agency Moma created these Mad Men inspired ads. Amazing.… continue »

Announcing: The Pontiflex Partner Program

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Pontiflex Partner Program. We’re putting the spotlight on select agencies and marketing companies who excel at brand performance and engagement marketing practices including social media, branded micro-site and experience development, e-mail marketing, loyalty programs, customer relationship management strategies and others.… continue »

Coming soon to a TV near you…

Earlier this summer, Google successfully defended itself against a major lawsuit by Viacom. According to Wired, the court’s ruling stated that “internet companies, even if they know they are hosting infringing material,  are immune from copyright liability if they promptly remove works at a rights-holder’s request — under what is known as a takedown notice.” In other words, user generated content producers and repurposers of copywrited materials rejoice!… continue »