Amazon Prime Air Drones

This past Sunday, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and founder, appeared on “60 Minutes” to show Charlie Rose some pretty cool tech currently in R&D at Amazon. Drones! With Prime Air, customers will receive packages via “octocopters” as quickly as 30 minutes after buying.… continue »

The Annals of Privacy: Revenge of the Nerds

Like everyone else, I’ve been following Facebook’s privacy debacle – but I’ve also been wondering – what’s the actual fall out going to be? We know the company called an “all hands” meeting to discuss the situation internally.… continue »

For Networks and In Life: When Things Go Down (Because They Will)

Yesterday, the stock market jumped around more wildly than a bull in a rodeo.
This morning, newspapers are reporting a rumor that suggests a human error caused the market to go down. To quote: “Even though there are legitimate factors to market jitters, such as the Greek debt situation, it’s widely believed that a trader’s error—typing in a “b” instead a “m,” creating a trade for $16 billion instead of $16 million—spurred the sell-off.”
The hyper-connected market responded in milliseconds causing a loss of billions of dollars in a matter of minutes.… continue »