Recurring themes at Mobile World Congress 2013

The mobile industry is growing at a rapid speed. A reflection of that was easily felt at the Mobile World Congress conference at Barcelona this year. Some of the recurring themes at MWC 2013 are easily overlooked concepts that are also the founding pillars at Pontiflex.

The Case of Accidental Click

According to Media Week UK both mobile ad vendors and networks have stressed the need to develop personalized ad solutions that takes into account user experience on mobile devices. 47% of clicks on mobile devices are accidental according to a survey by Pontiflex & researcher Harris Interactive. We developed an ad solution from scratch to serve non-intrusive sign-up ads on mobile devices. Once you remove the cost-per-click from mobile advertising, our advertisers reported staggering results from mobile ad campaigns – some even found it to be better than all forms of digital marketing they tried before.

Monetization of Mobile

Another recurring theme that was observed at MWC according to Venture Beat is Monetization of Mobile. At Pontiflex, we have worked with app developers, large and small to incorporate our easy to use SDK and monetize their apps effectively. Over the years we have greatly improved our predictive methodologies to serve ads to users who are mostly likely to respond.

The concept of sign-up advertising is simple – the advertiser, app developer and the user – all stand to gain. At Pontiflex we make sure the advertiser gets high returns on every ad-dollar, the publisher monetizes impressions effectively and the user gets a seamless experience. That is what makes Pontiflex a pioneer in the mobile advertising space.

Were you at Mobile World Congress 2013? Did you notice any themes that stood out? Leave a comment! 

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