Prediction: The World Will Not End

It’s year end, and the industry is rife with predictions for the New Year.

Here’s one bold prediction from our end. 

The world will not end tomorrow. It will continue well into the weekend. it will continue well into the New Year, when we will see exciting new developments in the field of mobile app advertising. 

To mark this occassion, celebrations are being held all over Central and Latin America, including the park at Tikal, Guatemala.We are not making this projection based on foolhardiness or optimisim. We are making this projection because we know that the Mayans never said that the world would end tomorrow. In fact, they said that tomorrow would mark the day the Mayan calendar would renew, and the occassion would serve as a reminder for humans to renew their commitment to co-existing with the earth and all of its life forms. 

May the New Year tomorrow and the New Year that follows immediately after bring you peace, prosperity and happiness. 


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