Survey Shows People are Receptive to Tablet Advertising

A new study by Interactive Advertising Bureau UK shows that interactive ads have higher response rates on tablets as compared to static ads.

According to a Clickz article a respondent of the Interactive Advertising Bureau survey is quoted as saying “Tablet users are often creative people and would interact and have fun with the ads “.

Some of the findings from the study are:

  • Interactive ads caused respondents to stay on the page for 31% more time than they would on a page with static ads
  • Average time spent on pages for interactive ads was 24.6 seconds versus 18.8 seconds on static ads
  • 95% of respondents said it was very important that interactive tablet ads were unobtrusive and didn’t interfere with what they were doing.
  • 47% of respondents agreed that interactive advertising on tablets is “the future of  tablet advertising” 


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