NYT’s Jenna Wortham on Mobile and Tablet Trends

In this week’s nytimes.com Tech Talk podcast, Jenna Wortham highlights mobile trends that she uncovered at last month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Trends worthy of note include:

A recent report predicts that there will be more smartphones owned by U.S. consumers than laptops by the end of 2011.

3D is now available on smartphones and tablets.

Facebook will be more prominently integrated on smartphones coming to market.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is on the rise. For those of you not yet in the know, NFC allows smartphone users to simply wave their phones to make transactions (among other things).

Smaller foreign companies, namely HTC and ZTE, will make efforts to break into the U.S. mobile market.

Microsoft will also make efforts to gain market share in the U.S.

Tablet competition is on the rise. Tablets now come in all sizes.

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